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We are celebrating 15 years of wonderful memories and friendship here at ZV Stormvogel. Our association is composed of different individuals coming from different walks of life. But there’s one thing that binds us all together, and that is, our love for sports swimming. ZV Stormvogel is located in Vlissingen, Netherlands. You cannot miss the building because people know who we are in the area. Our association became one of the sports events place in Vlissingen. People gather together during swimming events to support their favourite athletes. On the same venue, we also have facilities for older people who would like to use swimming as a form of exercise. It also became home for young people who would like to participate in swimming sports events. Here, they get the right coaching, facilities, and positive environment that will drive them even more to win.  

The BHAG Goals

ZV Stormvogel is a fan of BHAG (Big Hairy Audacious Goals). We are not afraid to step up to the challenge. For that reason, we have set high goals. We want our association to reach more people and show them how swimming sports are significant in today’s modern life. We aim to touch on women empowerment and gender equality by training young ambitious girls who have the desires to dominate swimming sports. Our dream is to have a swimmer trained by ZV Stormvogel to win in the Olympics. These goals might be difficult, and the more we look at them, the more we realize that there is a long way to go. But ZV Stormvogel believes that whenever you see impossibilities, there is always possibilities just around the corner waiting to be found. We rather look for our possibilities, instead of dwelling on impossibilities of the situation. Our goal is to reach more young people and teach them this awesome sport, and while they are with us, hopefully, they’ll learn how to dream big. We hope that one day these young people under our care will spread their wings and fly without any fear that their wings might get burned. We hope that through our humble association, we’ll have better youths stepping out to be leaders in their field.


A Healthy and Active Community

The existence of ZV Stormvogel in Vlissingen, Netherlands encourage the local community to stay active and healthy by participating in community sports. Every week we hold events and competition where young and old can participate. The locals can enjoy a clean and well-maintained facility of ZV Stormvogel where they can practice swimming lessons and more. We also encourage healthy eating by preparing food made of fresh, quality ingredients to nourish everyone’s body after an activity. Our cafeteria only sells healthy food and snacks perfect for weight watchers in the community. We take pride in being part of Vlissingen’s healthy and active community. ZV Stormvogel strives to provide the locals with great options in terms of food and physical activities to maintain a fit and healthy body inside and out.

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